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We at Engelbertus really only have one thing in mind. Just knitter brew tasty beers like a goof. We do not strive to be the best, because enjoyment is not a competition and there is no disputing taste. We are simply concerned with the wonderful process of brewing quality beer. From the idea for a recipe and selecting the right ingredients, to the toil in the brewery to achieve exactly that ultimate end result. Time and again challenge ourselves to get better and better beer. The color, the smell, the taste, the foam head everything has to be right and that is exactly the challenge.

What makes us happy is brewing quirky beers where hops always predominate. Because hop, we love that. We carefully select the right hop varieties from all over the world. Not only to give our beers a strong bitter character, but also to dry-hop to add strength to that character through the fragrance.

The idea of ​​being unique is difficult in a fairly saturated beer market and Dutch beers from our fellow breweries are of high quality. The Dutch are simply not afraid to experiment. But that is something beautiful to embrace and to be inspired by. Because as we said it is not competition but pure passion. And our beers are the result of pure passion. As long as we can bring a smile to everyone's face, we will brew to the "bitter end"! Cheers.

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Beer is enjoyment. Beer is luck. It can surprise you and it brings people together. When drinking delicious beer at the right time, a smile will appear on your face and we hope to achieve that effect with you too. Call it a goal or an endeavor, but there is nothing more beautiful than seeing people enjoy them so much that happy faces appear on their faces. Because that's what we call it in Brabant and more people should do that. It feels good and says exactly what it means. Nice and clear and concise. So go ahead and use the hashtag when posting on your socials. On to a new revolution! On many happy bakes together.


Brewing quality beer is a magical process that we enjoy enormously at Engelbertus. It always starts simple with the standard ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast, but the variations are endless and the search is the challenge. We strive for characteristic beers in which smell, taste and mouthfeel come together. Read more about our brewing process, our view of the different stages and how we approach this craft.

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Like everyone else, we can't wait to enjoy a delicious spring beer on a terrace again. This did not stop us from getting our spring cubs from the stable again this year. A goat is a gruesome stubborn animal and so are brewers in general. We have lightly dryhopped our spring cock, because you know, we love that at Engelbertus! Grab a chair, sit with your face in the sun and enjoy.


A mission? Should a brewery have a mission? We just want to brew damn good beer. There you have your mission!

View the Engelbertus beers here. Our approach to craft beer. We do not opt for quantity but quality.

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Grillbar Slinders

Hoekstraat 35

5674 NN Nederwetten

Paviljoen Philips de Jongpark

Oirschotsedijk 2

5651 GC Eindhoven

Drinkers Pub

Kerkstraat 11

5611 GH Eindhoven


Vlokhovenseweg 46

5625 WR  Eindhoven

Uw Bierspecialist

Verlengde Noordkade 14

5462 EH Veghel

Bar Becoloth

Rozemarijnstraat 2

5281 BZ Boxtel

Plus Verhoeven

Amerikalaan 4

5691 KD Son en Breugel

Biercafe Kandinsky

Telegraafstraat 58

5038 BM  Tilburg

Gall & Gall

Nieuwstraat 12

5691 AC Son

Buutvrij voor de hele pot  

Heuveleindseweg 6C

5684 NC Best

SBC voetbalcombinatie 

Afrikalaan 2

5691 ZH Son


Hurksestraat 44

5652 AL Eindhoven

Bierhoeder Oss 

De Schakel 15

5341 CM Oss

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